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A selection of testimonials and thanks from our clients.

I just wanted to thank you for helping (......) untangle his accounting problems. He has followed your advice, closed down the company and has learned valuable albeit expensive lessons. Although he was following advice given by friends who had done similar things, it seems he was very unlucky and didn't question the advice given to him by 'experts'.

I appreciate that this is your busiest month and was grateful for the time you took away from your planned day to assist him.

You have a new client!

Existing client who requested assistance for a relative of theirs being badly advised by another accountant - January 2017

thank you very much for completing my accounts and sorting my tax returns this year. I’m pleased how it all worked out and really glad to have changed over to Moore Green. Thanks for your e mails and correspondence over the past few months too.

Small business customer, who recently moved to us from a different local accountant. - September 2014

Many thanks, I have to say that this is the value of having an accountant rather than trying to do these things oneself!

Personal tax client in connection with preparation of income tax return - December 2014

May I take this opportunity of thanking you for dealing with the tax return etc so promptly, which is much appreciated.

Customer in business - December 2014

We do appreciate you being this involved and value your advice.

Business customer in connection with property acquisition we helped with - November 2014

Thanks for another year’s great service.

Business customer client on finalisation of their annual financial statements - July 2014

Thank you SO MUCH for being so supportive and patient – and equally so helpful and 'inventive' in managing to navigate our salary payments through our particular course dates – I hope you appreciate just how grateful I am – it has relieved the pressure on me no end this year in what would otherwise have been horrendous.
HUGE thanks,

Owner at one of our Payroll clients - June 2014

May I take the opportunity to thank you for the prompt and efficient way in which our tax affairs have been dealt with.

Personal tax client - February 2014

It is good to know you are there as you are always so helpful when there are any queries.

A personal tax client - February 2014

Thanks very much for your quick reply, that’s very helpful and you’ve answered all my questions. No doubt there will be more, but I can now proceed with everything.

Client company director - March 2013

Very good news - thank you - I think that will be worth pursuing ......... great job, much appreciated.

Company director and personal tax client - May 2013

....thank you for all you did for me in getting the big bad wolf of the HMRC off my back.

Personal tax client - July 2013

Thank you for the very efficient service!

Trading company director - August 2013

I take this opportunity of thanking you most sincerely for your expeditious preparation of my Accounts and Tax Return.

Private Medical Consultant - 29 January 2013
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