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A selection of testimonials and thanks from our clients.

Hi Craig,

Thank you for being so helpful today. It is much appreciated! Kindest Regards,

Limited company client - January 2024


I just wanted to say how amazed I am that you have got through all this so quickly. You have saved my bacon and I am very grateful. Not been a lot of good things happening lately, so this has been really nice for someone to help me out.

Company accounts client - December 2023

Hello Vince – Thank you for your resilience and determination to get this over the line, greatly appreciated by us all.

Limited company client – specialist tax work - November 2023

Vince – As always you and the team have been amazing, so thank you.

Personal tax client - November 2023

Julie – Thank you for making the HMRC process so easy for me.

Personal tax client - October 2023

Vince – Thank you so much for checking our accounts – you are so efficient 😊. We very much appreciate all your help and we would very much like to continue with Moore Green going forwards.

IER client - July 2023

Michael is always at arm's length, very prompt and extremely knowledgeable.

Most certainly he is a very important asset to any company he works for. 

Can I also thank the payroll team for their very prompt work and help at all times.

Limited company client - June 2023

Nick – thank you so very much for your speedy help! We got the mortgage and a new family home!

Limited company - June 2023

Julie – I cannot thank you enough for making my first visit to an accountant such a pleasure. You gave much kind encouragement through your patience, and the excellent quarterly averaging solution you offered. Already I can begin to tackle the several tasks that had mounted up recently.

Personal tax client - June 2023

Julie – thank you so much for your time yesterday – I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders!

Personal tax client - June 2023

Hello Matthew,

Reference your recent email following our meeting, ... I was pleased to meet you for a very constructive meeting. I trust you will be my Accountant and oversee our business accounts and family finances until the end of my days.

New small business client - May 2023


I have been meaning to email you, it’s just been a manic few days with work. I wanted to thank you so much for a brilliant meeting, I think you handled that extremely well, considering the circumstances. We may well need you again and will be in touch if that’s ok? Anyway once again I can’t thank you enough, let’s just hope things continue positively. 

One-off personal tax assignment - April 2023


I just want to give you my thoughts about Harry. He is a very likeable person, but work wise he is very very good. He is able to grasp new concepts easily and is very efficient and capable.

As you know, over the years I have employed several Accountants and Book keepers. I really believe he is one of the best. p.s. that does not mean you can charge me extra!!

London based wholesalers we assist with bookkeeping - April 2023

Dear Vince,

Thank you so much for your invaluable advice and patience with the Elderly when we met the other day!!

Personal tax, IHT and Capital Gains Tax planning client - March 2023

Julie, from this point on, I’m going to try and do my tax on-line as these days my tax affairs are fairly simple. I’d like to thank Moore Green, and particularly yourself, very much for all your past help and being my accountants, which I have been very happy with. I shall certainly recommend you.

Accounts and Tax client - March 2023

Amy, Noted and thanks. I fully understand that there have been many hours spent setting up the A2X integration, let's see that as an investment.

I'm super pleased with our cooperation and feel safe and in good hands.

Accounts client - February 2023

Dear Clare,

Thank you so much for quick reply ! I was fearing the worst and that I hadn’t got it to you in time ! I couldn’t have asked for more.

Accounts and tax client - February 2023

Julie, as usual, I would like to take the opportunity of thanking you for the most efficient way in which our tax affairs have been effected.

Tax client - February 2023

Afternoon Vince,

Many thanks for all your hard work, and please pass onto the team too.

Looking forward to catching up as we do our Company and personal tax returns this year.

Company and personal tax client - February 2023

Kimberley, Thank you for doing that. I know you are really busy, so I appreciate your effort!

Unblocking of client’s business credit card - January 2023

Vince : may I call the Prime Minister and recommend you be elevated to the Peerage? I was dreading bad news. Saint Vincent decided otherwise!! Bravo

Personal tax client - January 2023

Vince, Once again thank you for your invaluable support to us, it is greatly appreciated.

Small charity client - December 2022

Many thanks Michael. You have been extremely helpful, professional and efficient during the whole transaction, so I would again like to express my gratitude for this.

Limited Company client for business sale - November 2022

Thank you for actioning the slight changes so quickly and producing the accounts so quickly for us. We really do appreciate it.

Accounts client - October 2022

Kim, thank you so much for getting these completed so quickly, hugely appreciated. I’ll sign these off shortly.

Group accounts client - October 2022

Julie - I am, as always, extremely grateful for all your hard work preparing these forms for me. I find most of it hard to understand and would not know where to start, so thank you very much. Your work is truly appreciated.

Tax client - October 2022

Kim - Many thanks as always for your prompt and efficient service

Accounts and payroll client - April 2022

You are my star of the year Amber. Learnt so much from you.

Accounts and tax client - April 2022

Thank you Nick, I have much appreciated the collaboration over the years. I will be back in UK in a years’ time so am likely to start new ventures at some point and would like to call upon your services again. Until then - thank you

Company accounts and corporation tax client - March 2022

Julie, as usual, I would like to take the opportunity of thanking you for the most efficient way in which our tax affairs have been effected.

Tax client - March 2022

Kimberley has been an outstanding support and is a credit to your team.

Medical sole trader client - March 2022

Hi Clare,

Thank you so much for your speedy reply.

I am truly grateful as per usual.

Accounts client - March 2022

Many thanks Vince – great job as ever. Charlie

Tax client - February 2022

Thank you so much for taking the time to give us such a comprehensive email. I really appreciate it and have found it very reassuring to read. Thank you also for your support and clear interpretation of a world I am not comfortable with - tax.

Tax client - January 2022

A massive thank you for your help during 2021, working with Moore Green the last few years has been 1st class.

Accounts and payroll client - December 2021

Vince - Many many thanks for all your hard work and advice!

Accounts client - December 2021

Hi Matthew, thanks very much. Your competence and knowledge make our lives easier.

Company client - December 2021

We are going to close our business and so we will no longer be using Moore Green for the remuneration of our employees. We only had contact for a very short time, but I experienced this as very adequate and professional. Thank you for that.

Dutch payroll client - December 2021

Nick and Amy,

Just to let you know, my mortgage finally got approved last week! Only 14 weeks later!

I’d just like to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for the hard work & my multiple requests you both dealt with in obtaining (hopefully) my dream home, which, if all goes to plan I should complete on just before Christmas.

Partnership client - November 2021


Thank you so much for the accounts and all you do for me – it is very much appreciated. You never make me feel bad for asking stupid questions, and are always happy to help. I’m so grateful.

Sole trader client - July 2021

Thank you to you and your team for your speedy assistance with all our requirements for our mortgage.

It was a little stressful but we met the stamp duty deadline! We couldn't have done it without you guys! Thank you.

Tax client - July 2021

Thank you for all of the step by step help and support you gave to us through the CGT journey!

Personal tax client - April 2021

I’m delighted with the way you have dealt with my tax affairs over many years. You have always been most helpful to someone who doesn’t know much about tax and its ramifications. You have provided essential work and advice and I am most grateful for that. It is a pleasure to have your support.

Personal tax client - April 2021


Not sure whether you run a customer feedback process? If so:

Moore Green Customer feedback:

How satisfied (1 low to 10 high) were you with
Responsiveness to initial query 10
Understanding of the brief 10
Preparation of accounts 10
Value for money 10
Timeliness of preparation 10
Outcome of the engagement 10
Overall assessment of engagement 10
Would you use again? Yes
Would you recommend to others? Yes

Business Client - February 2021

Thanks for your time on Wednesday. All the guys were really impressed and would like to instruct you to carry out the work discussed, both initially with setting up the new company and on an ongoing basis.

From a new business and trust client - February 2021

I just wanted to thank you for helping (......) untangle his accounting problems. He has followed your advice, closed down the company and has learned valuable albeit expensive lessons. Although he was following advice given by friends who had done similar things, it seems he was very unlucky and didn't question the advice given to him by 'experts'.

I appreciate that this is your busiest month and was grateful for the time you took away from your planned day to assist him.

You have a new client!

Existing client who requested assistance for a relative of theirs being badly advised by another accountant - January 2017

thank you very much for completing my accounts and sorting my tax returns this year. I’m pleased how it all worked out and really glad to have changed over to Moore Green. Thanks for your e mails and correspondence over the past few months too.

Small business customer, who recently moved to us from a different local accountant. - September 2014

Many thanks, I have to say that this is the value of having an accountant rather than trying to do these things oneself!

Personal tax client in connection with preparation of income tax return - December 2014

May I take this opportunity of thanking you for dealing with the tax return etc so promptly, which is much appreciated.

Customer in business - December 2014

We do appreciate you being this involved and value your advice.

Business customer in connection with property acquisition we helped with - November 2014

Thanks for another year’s great service.

Business customer client on finalisation of their annual financial statements - July 2014

Thank you SO MUCH for being so supportive and patient – and equally so helpful and 'inventive' in managing to navigate our salary payments through our particular course dates – I hope you appreciate just how grateful I am – it has relieved the pressure on me no end this year in what would otherwise have been horrendous.
HUGE thanks,

Owner at one of our Payroll clients - June 2014

May I take the opportunity to thank you for the prompt and efficient way in which our tax affairs have been dealt with.

Personal tax client - February 2014

It is good to know you are there as you are always so helpful when there are any queries.

A personal tax client - February 2014

Thanks very much for your quick reply, that’s very helpful and you’ve answered all my questions. No doubt there will be more, but I can now proceed with everything.

Client company director - March 2013

Very good news - thank you - I think that will be worth pursuing ......... great job, much appreciated.

Company director and personal tax client - May 2013

....thank you for all you did for me in getting the big bad wolf of the HMRC off my back.

Personal tax client - July 2013

Thank you for the very efficient service!

Trading company director - August 2013

I take this opportunity of thanking you most sincerely for your expeditious preparation of my Accounts and Tax Return.

Private Medical Consultant - 29 January 2013
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